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Flynn Woodcraft started out as a summer whittling hobby, and has since grown into a small business focused on turning quality, functional wood art made from salvaged wood. Once the mechanics of turning on a lathe clicked it became difficult to learn when to put the bowl gouge to rest.


I am interested in the entire process from “forest to finish”. Each species of tree and each piece of wood is unique and has been personally harvested, prepared, and crafted by me. It requires attentiveness and patience to see the entire process to completion. From the initial search to the application of the final coat of finish, each piece is handled with care. Once finished I aim to have a unique and sustainable piece for all to enjoy.


The process of "forest to finish" is exciting and rewarding. Most of the wood that I use is from tress that people have taken down and seek to get rid of. The rest of the wood comes from adventures in the parks and woods with a keen eye out for any trees or branches that lay on the ground. None of my work comes from trees that have been taken down for the purpose of turning.

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